BLA Professional Degree

The Bachelor in Landscape Architecture degree is a four-year professional landscape architecture program nationally accredited  by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB). Completion of the program is the first step in becoming a licensed Landscape Architect and also serves as preparation for graduate programs in advanced landscape architecture, urban & regional planning, or in programs specializing in research.


The BLA Program mission is to provide students with a solid base of knowledge and skills reflective of the landscape architecture discipline.  We emphasize place-making based on an understanding of ecological principles, societal needs and cultural foundations.  In particular, we provide students opportunity to explore their interests in design and planning for healthy living environments, healthy ecosystems, community development and cultural resource preservation.

The UW Crest

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate competence and critical judgement in applying intellectual and technical skills necessary for site and landscape-scale design, in particular skills of problem-solving using site inventory/analysis; spatial/temporal  analysis; programming; synthesis; oral, written, and visual communication; construction implementation; and post-occupancy evaluation.

2. Demonstrate critical thinking and the ability to explore ideas and synthesize information, both independently and in collaboration with interdisciplinary team members to identify and solve complicated landscape design and planning problems.

3. Understand, apply, and evaluate the principles, theories, and recent research findings in the discipline of landscape architecture.

4. Integrate humanistic, scientific, legal, political, economic, social, ecological, and technological dimensions in solving novel design and planning problems concerning the betterment of rural and urban natural and cultural landscapes.

5. Understand, analyze, and apply design and planning theories and principles to urban and rural landscapes to benefit human living conditions.