Handbooks explain policies and procedures related to DPLA degree programs. The most current version of each handbook can be found below. If you have questions about the handbooks or about program requirements from previous years, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator (Debi Griffin).

BLA Professional Degree Handbook

View the current handbook (PDF)

(Note: seniors who are completing their studies through the previous BSLA program, please contact Debi Griffin or Sam Dennis with questions about program requirements)

LUS (Landscape & Urban Studies) BA/BS Major Handbook

Coming soon!

MSLA Handbook

View the current handbook (PDF)

MS URPL Handbook

View the current handbook (PDF)

PhD URPL Handbook

View the current handbook (PDF)

For Faculty and Staff:

The file linked below serves as the official Administrative Policies and Procedures for department faculty and staff. These are maintained and updated by the Department Chair and Department Administrator.

Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook

PLA Strategic Plan – Fall 2020