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University of Wisconsin Extension Programs

The strong Wisconsin Idea tradition rests on the fact that our University of Wisconsin extends to the furthest reaches of the state and beyond. The Wisconsin Idea connects people and communities to the university and its resources. While every member of the faculty has responsibilities for outreach, several members of the Department hold joint appointments with the UW-Madison Extension as Statewide Specialists. Our statewide specialists can be found below.

Extension Divisions

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension, through its six program areas (Agriculture, Community Development, Health & Well-Being, Human Development & Relationships, Natural Resources, and Positive Youth Development) has a primary responsibility of making linkages between university research and the real world as experienced by the citizens of our great state. With educators and faculty in all 72 counties and on UW campuses around the state, Cooperative Extension responds to the needs of families, youth, communities, farmers, and business people. High priority programs focus on improving competitiveness and environmental sustainability in agriculture and business; conserving natural resources; managing community growth and change; and building supportive communities for families and youth.

The Department’s outreach efforts have resulted in consultations to local, state-wide, national and international agencies; workshops; and a variety of publications.

PLA faculty work with the Extension affiliates such as, Community & Economic Development, The Northern Center for Economic DevelopmentThe Center for Land Use Education, Applied Population Lab, Wisconsin Geological and Natural Historical Survey, and Local Government Education.

Wisconsin Extension Specialists

Ken Genskow

Position title: Professor

David A. Hart, Ph.D., AICP

Position title: Wisconsin Sea Grant

Dave Marcouiller

Position title: Professor

Alfonso Morales

Position title: Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, UW- Division of Extension, State Specialist, Food Systems, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Affiliate