Wisconsin Student Planning Association

The Wisconsin Student Planning Association (WSPA) is a social and professional organization run by and for UW–Madison planning students. WSPA organizes social events and service opportunities for students, coordinates career networking opportunities, and works with department faculty to make sure the student voice is represented in department operations.

Anyone is invited to attend WSPA meetings, which are held regularly during the fall and spring semesters to discuss faculty and curriculum issues, plan social events, and host guest speakers and career development workshops.

WSPA officers are listed below. If you have any questions relating to WSPA, department-student relations, or student life in general, please contact the appropriate representative.

Steering Committee Members (2024-25)

Chair | Tommy Pack

The Steering Committee Chair schedules and convenes meetings of the Steering Committee. This position oversees elections and any proposed constitutional amendments.

Communications Director | Kayley Schultz

The Communications Director is responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings and the meetings of the Steering Committee, manages WSPA’s web presence, and oversees communications within the organization and with the larger URPL community including, but not limited to, faculty, alumni, and professional planners.

Professional Development Coordinator | Nina Comiskey

The Professional Development Coordinator assists WSPA members in obtaining skills needed to succeed as planning professionals post-graduation through the following means:

  • Offer and/or announce a series of professional skills workshops
  • Provide networking opportunities between current students, planning professionals and/or alumni.
  • Ensuring that career development information is both accessible and current for current students.

Social Coordinator | Nikki Cuevas

The Social Coordinator(s) provides WSPA members with opportunities to interact with one another outside of the classroom setting and promotes planning-related service learning in the Madison area.  The Social Coordinator(s) also coordinates and plans graduation ceremonies with URPL faculty and staff.

Finance Director | Makenna Kull

The Finance Director shall access and oversee the WSPA financial account. They create a budget prior to the beginning of each fiscal year and keeps current records of all financial transactions. The finance director also checks the accuracy of all bills and invoices and pays them correctly and in a timely manner and initiates fundraising events.

Faculty Liaison | Luis Navarette

The Faculty Liaison serves as a conduit between WSPA and URPL faculty by sitting on Faculty and Curriculum Committee meetings and reporting the relevant activities of those bodies to WSPA members.  They also assist in communicating with prospective and incoming URPL students.

Alumni Liaison | Neira Dewiarti

The Alumni Liaison will act as the student representative to the Planning & Landscape Architecture Advisory Council (PLAAC), helping to coordinate events and fostering connections between alumni and current students.

APA Liaison | Jared Smith

The APA Liaison represents WSPA to the APA and keeps the department informed about APA conferences, workshops, and other programs that will enhance the department’s relationship with the APA.

WSPA Constitution