Undergraduate Admissions

Bachelor in Landscape Architecture (BLA) Professional Degree

Admission into the professional design program (BLA degree) is a two-step process:

1.  Students who meet the requirements for admission to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and who choose the professional landscape architecture degree as “pre-landscape architecture” students. During the first year they take a series of prerequisite courses including:

  • Land Arch 210 Introduction Landscape Architecture Design
  • Land Arch 211 Landscape Inventory and Evaluation Methods
  • Land Arch 250 Survey of Landscape Architecture Design
  • Botany 100 Survey of Botany

2.  Students wishing to apply to the BLA professional design program must submit an application in the spring of the academic year during which they will complete the prerequisites. We admit a maximum of 22 students each year. Selection will be based on a letter of intent and on grades earned in the prerequisite courses.

For more information on the Bachelors in Landscape Architecture program admission procedures, check out the Undergraduate Guide, or follow this link to the Undergraduate Office of Admissions and Recruitment for more information and to apply. Check out the Office of Student Financial Aid for the cost of undergraduate study, scholarships, student jobs, and different types of aid.

BS/BA Landscape and Urban Studies

The Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture accepts all undergraduate students into the Landscape and Urban Studies degree program who have been admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and to the College of Letters & Science. Click here for information in UW-Madison Guide.

Undergraduate Advising

Contact Debi Griffin to schedule an advising appointment.