Introducing: [TYP.] Magazine

MacKenzie Keen (BSLA ’21) and Darius Bottorff (BSLA ’21) have released the first volume of [TYP.] Magazine. MacKenzie and Darius write that the magazine “was born out of a passion to dive deeper into the workings of landscape architecture to think critically about issues impacting the profession. The title is a dynamic expression- an acronym representing ‘the young professionals’- who are the intended audience for the works featured throughout the magazine. These works are not typical, as the name might suggest, but instead they challenge readers to think critically about a wide range of topics.” The central focus of the first volume is Environmental Justice and features projects and perspectives on this complex issue from students and practicing professionals.

MacKenzie and Darius developed [TYP.] Magazine while in the Landscape Architecture program. The project was supported by the Shawn Kelly Fund, which supports individual or team proposals focused on building a more resilient world through the practice of landscape architecture.

Read the first volume of [TYP.] Magazine here.