Heidi Natura

Since 1990, Heidi Natura has been actively involved in promoting the wise use of natural resources through her planning and design work. It is her commitment as the creatively express the needs and wants of humanity on the land, balanced with understanding the needs and limitations of the earth and its many other inhabitants. Natura oversees all of Living Habitats’ operations and is actively involved in leading Living Habitats’ projects, working directly with clients and multi-disciplinary teams to lead collaborative planning and design solutions. Through her experience facilitating the realization of complex, multi-year projects, combined with a tenacious drive to stay true to design intentions that respect the natural world over the long life of her projects, Natura has demonstrated what is possible through her professional practice. She assists clients with work at all scales to realize increased functional integrity and environmental improvement via their decisions, investments, and actions. Natura is also known for combining natural and structural elements in artful ways, creating aesthetically pleasing and ecologically rich solutions that enhance both the beauty and meaning of the work generated.