Janet Gilmore

Position title: Professor Emeritus

Email: jgilmore@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 265.8270

46c Agricultural Hall

Headshot of Janet Gilmore in front of plants

BA English Language and Literature, Reed College; MA and PhD in Folklore, Indiana University, Bloomington

Campus Affiliations
Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies, Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures, Department of Scandinavian Studies, Buildings Landscapes Cultures Program UW-Milwaukee

Research Interests
preservation, conservation, historical preservation


Janet Gilmore is a folklorist whose research, teaching, and outreach integrate folklore and landscape perspectives and methodologies. Landscape study is embedded in her research in maritime occupational communities, foodways, and festivals and celebrations in the Upper Midwest and home territory of the Pacific Northwest. She infuses the study of cultural landscape preservation and landscape history with ethnographic methodologies, the National Register traditional cultural property model, and Folklore’s concepts of cultural conservation.


Janet unites varied landscape and folklore approaches especially in her teaching, which requires ethnographic exercises and reflection in class and assignments, and involves students in aspects of professional public folklore and cultural landscape preservation practice. In turn, in recent years, she has begun to publish, with student involvement, insights she has gained from her “ethnography in the classroom” approach and her teaching of field school and lab type classes. She enjoys “sensing landscape” explorations.

  • Foodways
  • Cultural Landscapes of Food
  • Festivals & Celebrations
  • Cultural Resource Preservation & Landscape History
  • Field School: Ethnography of Wisconsin, often with
  • Historic Preservation Planning Workshop
  • Ethnic Representations in Wisconsin
  • Methods in Historic/Cultural Resource Preservation

Public Folklore:

Since the 1980s, Janet has worked as an independent public folklorist and humanities consultant, documenting and presenting folk artists, their handiwork and the creative process, in a variety of public formats such as exhibits and festivals. Through the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures, she now collaborates with folklore colleagues, archivists, archivists-in-training, and digital librarians on numerous nationally-funded projects to identify, catalog, and make accessible publicly-funded folklife documentary collections and productions generated in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest since the 1970s.


  • 2012 Dr. Brenda Pfaehler Award of Excellence, UW–Madison Center for Educational Opportunity
  • 2007 Brenda McCallum Prize, American Folklore Society Archives & Libraries Section

University Affiliations:

  • Department of Scandinavian Studies
  • Material Culture Certificate Program
  • Buildings Landscapes Cultures Program with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Recent Consulting &/or Teaching Relationships:

  • Chippewa Valley Museum, Eau Claire, WI
  • Folklore Village, Dodgeville, WI
  • Wisconsin Arts Board, Madison
  • Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office, Madison


On Practice:

2012   Teaching Practice through Fieldwork Course Design,” Western Folklore 70: 3/4 (Summer Fall 2011): 255-85

2012   Editor-in-Chief, with Anna V. Andrzejewski, Thomas Carter, and student designer Dee Finnegan. Summer Field School 2009 in Wiota Wisconsin (Wiota booklet selection). University of Wisconsin–Madison Dept. of Landscape Architecture. 56-page 11 x 17 color booklet.

2012   With Troy Reeves. “Case Study: Oral History, Folklore, and Vernacular Architecture,” on Oral History in the Digital Age website, Institute of Museum and Library Services, http://ohda.matrix.msu.edu/2012/06/oral-history-folklore-and-vernacular-architecture/

On Foodways:

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On Maritime Folklife & Landscapes:

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On Ethnic Landscapes & Folks Arts:

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On Collections & Access:

Since 2004     Editor-in-chief, with on-line editors Julia Wong (2011-2014), Karen J. Baumann (2007-2009), and Nicole Saylor (2005-2006). Public Folk Arts and Folklife Projects of the Upper Midwest (Center for the Center of Upper Midwestern Cultures).  In Archival Resources in Wisconsin: Descriptive Finding Aids, University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/WIArchives.CSUMC

2013   With Mark Livengood and Carrie Roy. Woodland Indian Traditional Artists virtual reproduction of photo-text exhibit “‘The Only Way to Get It Is to Make It’: The Experiences of Woodland Indian Traditional Artists,” curated by James P. Leary, Lewis Koch, and Janet C. Gilmore (Mt. Horeb: Wisconsin Folk Museum, 1995).  UW–Madison Folklore Program website, http://vanhise.lss.wisc.edu/folklore/?q=woodland

2013   With Julia Wong. “Woodland Indian Traditional Artist Project,” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, http://uwdc.library.wisc.edu/collections/Arts/Woodland

2013   “UWDC Woodland Indian Traditional Artist Profect Collection Infuses New and Continuing Life into Analog Documentation,” University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries News & Events, June 17, 2013.


2010   With Karen J. Baumann, Mary Hoefferle, and James P. Leary. “Folklore Student Research Papers Collection,” University Archives (Accession 2010/002 61H1).

2009-2010    With Laura Wynholds, Carrie Roy, and Rob Howard, aided by Dorothea Salo of UW Digital Collections. “Upper Midwestern Digital Folklore Archives” portal. UW–Madison Digital Collections Minds@UW (see http://uwdcc.library.wisc.edu/minds/) at http://minds.wisconsin.edu/handle/1793/32119

2009   With Karen J. Baumann, Mary Hoefferle, Sarah Roberts, and Sara Ziemendorf Nagreen. “Preservation and Access” web page at http://csumc.wisc.edu/, Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures website, UW–Madison, including:

  • “Archiving Projects, 2002-2010” list
  • “Public Folklore Collections in the Upper Midwest” 2008 poster
  • “Searchable Online Collection Guides” link
  • “Survey of Public Folklore Collections in the Upper Midwest,” by Nicole Saylor, updated pdf version
  • Survey questionnaire (found under “Archiving Projects, 2002-2010”)
  • “Regional Survey Report’s Key Findings”
  • “Surveyed Folklore Collections” digest with links