Printing Fees and Costs

We have instituted a new procedure for printing in the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture. Print jobs will be sent as normal, but they must be released and paid for on a Release station in each lab. In the Music Hall computer lab, the Release station will be on Workstation #10 (the PC facing the aisle). In Ag Hall and Ag Bulletin, the Release station will be the computer closest to the Laser printers. 

For the first semester (Fall 2017) with the new system, we will evaluate how our pricing structure goes. For the first semester the costs will be:

  • $0.03 per page Letter size Black & White
  • $0.20 per page Letter size Color laser (double that for Tabloid or duplex)
  • $1.00/square foot for Plots 

For the Laser printers, the first page will be free, and will not require releasing.

All students will be given an initial quota of $15. When a student exceeds his/her quota, printing will be paid for using your WisCard, just like at the Libraries and InfoLabs on campus, using the same system, Go Print. Students will have a Semester quota, reset each semester, and only charged when they go over that quota. For comparison, the InfoLabs charge $0.07/page, $0.60 for color.  

There are instructions posted near the release stations:

To release a print job, go to the Release Station and find the button with your name on it to show your print job(s). Select the print job you want to print, or cancel it. Then click the Next button, and Release and Pay. 

Please direct any questions or comments to