Collaborators and Partners


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Metrics + Indicators for Impact

The MIFI toolkit enables farmers market managers to collect, analyze, and report data on their markets. This empowers managers and their stakeholders in decision-making and grant application and reporting, and communicating with the public.

Obesity Prevention Initiative

Morales is the food systems lead for the UW Obesity Prevention Initiative in the School of Medicine and Public Health. This program works in both Marathon and Menominee counties in Wisconsin. He works as a social scientist to help understand the connections in the social determinants of health.

REAP Food Group

REAP is a local non-profit in Southern Wisconsin but their work presides over the entire state. They work to connect producers, consumers, businesses, and organizations to make local, healthy food more accessible. Their main programs are Farm to School, Farm to Business, and Farm Fresh Atlas. Currently the Kaufman Lab is working through one of our programs, Metrics + Indicators for Impact (MIFI), on a USDA with REAP and their farm fresh atlas in Marathon and Milwaukee counties.

Maine Federation of Farmers Markets

Morales delivered the keynote address to the 2016 meeting of the MFFM. The Kaufman Lab supported the MFFM in their USDA-Rural Development grant. MIFI enabled the MFFM to think more clearly about data collection in markets around the state.

Hope & Main

We are a subcontract on a Farmers’ Market Promotion Program (FMPP) grant through the USDA with the Hope & Main Farmers’ Market in Rhode Island.

We also partner with various farmers markets across the country though the implementation of Metrics + Indicators for Impact (MIFI).