Alumni Careers

Positions URPL Alumni Have Held

Community, Natural Resources, and Economic Development Educator – University of Wisconsin Extension, Walworth County, WI
Transportation Analyst – Cambridge Systematics’ Transportation Planning and Management Division, Washington, D.C.
Project Development – Fluor Corporation, Washington, D.C.
Associate Professor – Urban and Regional Planning Department at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil
Community Development Director – City of Albert Lee, MN
Executive Vice President – Thrive, Madison, WI
Senior Vice President of Development – T. Wall Properties, Madison, WI
Consultant – Bicycle & Pedestrian Program of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Madison, WI
Director of Investor Relations – Cargill, Incorpo­rated, Minneapolis, MN
Senior Planner and Development of Regional Impact Coordinator – Sarasota County, FL
Director of Real Estate – Kimco Realty Corporation, Rosemont, IL
Community and Economic Development Educator – Michigan State University Extension, East Lansing, MI
Associate Professor – School of Architecture and Planning, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Planner – Borough of Hanover, PA
CDBG Coordinator – City of Madison, WI
Planning and Community Development Coordinator – City of Monona, WI
Principal Recreation Planner – Division of Parks and Trails of the Department of Natural Resources, MN
Dep­uty Director – American Friends Service Committee, Indonesia
Homeownership Coordinator – Dane County Housing Authority, Madison, WI
Principal – InterPlan, Salt Lake City, UT
Economic Development Associate – City of Roseville, MN
Community Devel­opment Project Manager – City of Madison, WI
Planner – Agnew Beck, Anchorage, AK
Senior Planner – City of Janesville, WI
Executive Director – National Capital Planning Commission, Washington, D.C.
Planner – Office of Policy Development of the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, Boston, MA
Regional Land Use Planner – Sonoran Institute, CA
Economic Analyst – Vierbicher Associates, Madison, WI
Sustainability Planner – MSA Professional Services, Madison, WI
Associate Planner – Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Platteville, WI
Planning / Zoning Specialist – Village of DeForest, DeForest, WI