Sebastian Waldvogel


Sebastian (Seb) Waldvogel is a first-year master’s student within the Urban and Regional Planning Program, with an intended graduate date of Fall 2022. Living abroad before settling in rural Wisconsin, he has a global perspective ranging from urban, suburban, and rural lifestyles. Graduating from Chippewa Falls Senior High School Seb went on to get his undergraduate degree in Retailing and Consumer Behaviors and Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Understanding residents as consumers of their built environment, Seb is working to combine his background in consumer analytics with his passion for community engagement, to help center public voice and support as a key focal point of community development.
With a background in agriculture, Seb’s interests include sustainable food systems, anaerobic digestion, experiential marketing campaigns, and public transportation. In his free time he enjoys 3D rendering, baking, and craft coffee.