Susan Gaeddert


This is Susan Gaeddert.

Susan Gaeddert is a first year in the MS Urban and Regional Planning program. In her past life, she studied music and earned a masters and doctorate in collaborative piano performance. She has spent the last fifteen years teaching and performing in Madison and elsewhere. Now, she is embarking on a second career in city planning. So far, everything looks interesting and she has yet to land on a specific concentration or specialty! Susan believes strongly in the importance of equitable access to public spaces that promote healthy living and community engagement. Her end goal is to find work addressing this belief, whether that is related to fair housing, local food systems, and/or urban green space. Right now the possibilities seem endless.

Susan lives with her husband and two kids who keep her busy enough to not need any pets. She is involved with Madison public schools, where she volunteers for the outdoor learning program at her neighborhood elementary school. Additionally, Susan participates in district level advocacy for equitable access to advanced learning programs. What spare time she can carve out for hobbies, she uses for running and knitting hats for everyone she knows.