Allyn Lottouzee

Allyn Lottouzee (Al-in | Li-TAh-zee) is a first-year graduate student currently pursuing an MS in Urban and Regional Planning. He is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant for LA 250 – Survey of Landscape Architecture Design. Allyn previously worked as a policy intern for BIED International, a think tank in DC, after receiving a BA in Political Science (Theory) and a BS in Conservation and Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

Allyn’s core focus is to introduce the term Special Ecological Zones – green corridors within existing municipalities that promote environmental sustainability by instilling and insulating triple-bottom-line market systems. This would include businesses, plans, and processes that utilize subsidies, creative democracy, and community-led agreements to combat social and economic failures. Research to inform this includes: how a top-down aristocratic representative government is far from democracy; how a broken democracy leads to gerrymandering, polarization, hypercapitalism, and neoliberalism; how hypercapitalism and neoliberalism have created – if not necessitated – a disposable culture; how a disposable culture disposes relationships, leading to social atomization; how social atomization has led to hyper individualism; how hyper-individualism affects the real estate market causing both a housing crisis and market-wide inflation; and, finally, how to fight inflation and community distance through housing equitism.

Meanwhile, Allyn has been engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits concerned with environmental sustainability. This includes: CLIPP, a system designed to clip battery-powered engines in and out of semi-trucks along interstates, powered by solar and wind power collectors lining roadways; Green Minds Think Alike, a think-do tank that brings environmentally-sustainable ideas and ideators together; HotBoks, a low-cost industrial vessel capable of composting in 48 hours or less; Bokses, utilizing reusable containers kept within a closed loop of distribution; and Palletable, a hard case that clips into custom-made pallets, eliminating shrinkwrap. This currently includes activities with mentors and supporters within Milwaukee’s Startup Challenge and Madison’s Design2Product programs.

Allyn spends his free time reading, biking, writing, and hiking. He does this with two boys, a wife, a pup, and three cats.

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