Daniel Lassman

Email: dlassman@wisc.edu

Daniel is passionate about restoring prairies and other native landscapes of the Great Plains. He plans on restoring habitats in and around his homestate of Kansas after finishing his Masters in Landscape Architecture.

While at UW, Daniel has been investigating ways to bring the practice of restoration ecology out to places like Kansas, where acreage is mostly private and awareness of restoration is low. He’s also interested in finding ways to bridge the cultural gaps between urban environmentalists and rural farmers/ranchers who are deeply connected to their land.

Daniel’s thesis is creating a restoration plan for his family’s farm, ~130 acres of prairie, grassland, and forest on an Osage Cuesta – just South of Lawrence, KS. As part of this, he’s also creating in-depth implementation, grazing, and long-term monitoring plans for the farm.

When not working on his thesis, Daniel can be found around the area burning prairie or contra dancing. Other interests include union/community organizing, cooking, baking, and innovating ways to create place-based community.