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About Jerry Kaufman

This lab was created in honor of former Professor Jerry Kaufman who passed away in 2013. Kaufman taught in the Department of Planning for over 30 years and focused on racial segregation, poverty, and later in his career mostly urban agriculture and community food systems. Professor Morales now teaches many of Kaufman’s former classes. Jerry Kaufman’s old home desk is now housed in the lab.

Alfonso Morales

This is Alfonso Morales.Dr. Morales has worked his entire career in food systems and public marketplaces. He is a Vilas Distinguished Acheivement Professor in the Department of Planning. He created the Kaufman Lab as a space to house his various projects and created a place for his students to work.

Phil Warsaw

This is Phil Warsaw.

Dr. Warsaw is a Post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin through the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) and he earned his PhD in Economics from UW, as well. He works primarily with the MIFI in Hospitals project, and with MIFI in general as the Staff Economist. Dr. Warsaw plans to move to East Lansing, Michigan in January 2019 to pursue a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Sustainability.





Julie Dawson

Monica White

Graduate Students

Lauren Suerth

This is Lauren Suerth.Suerth is a PhD Candidate in the Planning and Landscape Architecture department, and expected to graduate in August 2018. As a whole, her research studies interactions among people, place, and policy in everyday life. She is passionate about building communities through land use and food systems. She also serves as the Co-Principal Investigator, alongside Morales, on Metrics + Indicators for Impact (MIFI) which is one of the projects that the Kaufman lab houses.

Tracy Harvey

This is Tracy Harvey.

Tracy Harvey is a first-year doctoral student at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies in the Environment & Resources program. Her focus is sustainability, specifically addressing the barriers associated with adopting effective sustainable strategy within companies, organizations, and agencies.

Susan Gaeddert

This is Susan Gaeddert.

Susan Gaeddert is in her first year in the MS in urban/regional planning. In her past life, she studied music and earned a masters and doctorate in collaborative piano performance. Now, she is embarking on a second career in city planning. Susan believes strongly in the importance of equitable access to public spaces that promote healthy living and community engagement, so her end goal is to find work that does this in some way, whether that is related to fair housing, local food systems, and/or urban green space.

Sarah Schuit

This is Sarah Schuit.

Sarah is a second-year graduate student in the Public Affairs and Public Health programs. Her focus is on health policy and health equity, and she is specifically interested in working on nutrition and community health issues.



Undergraduate Students

Chloe Green, Class of 2019

This is Chloe Green.Green currently serves as the Advocacy & Research Operations Specialist, and has been with the lab since January 2018. She is a Dual Degree student in Dietetics & Community and Environmental Sociology with an expected graduation data of May 2019. She was awarded a Wisconsin Idea Fellowship for the summer and fall of 2018 where she studies the accessibility to farmer’s markets for SNAP participants. She is also the moderator for Food & the Wisconsin Idea through UW Cooperative Extension. Before coming to the Kaufman Lab she worked with Community Services Unlimited, Inc. (CSU) and SoLA Food Co-op in South Los Angeles.

Frannie Shaughnessy, Class of 2020

This is Frannie Shaughnessy.Mary (Frannie) Shaughnessy is the Junior Web Developer for the Kaufman Lab. She is in her third year at UW Madison studying Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences, with plans to focus in sustainability in technology and how to implement innovative, efficient solutions in tech for everyday use. Her duties in the Kaufman Lab include Web Development, organizing data and crafting databases, as well as providing support and insight on various projects.

Anna Zibinski, Class of 2019

This is Anna Zibinski.Anna is an undergraduate senior at UW-Madison studying Environmental Science, with a Certificate in Business. She has special interests in sustainable resources, environmental justice, and the social and economic effects of globalization and climate change. As an assistant in the Kaufman Lab, Anna provides research and support on project analysis, as well as marketing and blog updates.

Undergraduate Research Scholars

Arden He, Class of 2022

This is Arden He.Arden He is a first-year working for Kaufman Lab under the Undergraduate Research Scholars program. They are studying computer science and economics at UW Madison, with a personal interest in entrepreneurship and urban planning.




Linda Zhao, Class of 2021

This is Linda Zhao.Linda Zhao is an Undergraduate Research Scholar assisting with web development for the Kaufman Lab. Currently, she is a sophomore studying computer science with interests in creating new technologies and transforming current technologies to improve people’s lives.



Judy Zheng, Class of 2022

This is Judy Zheng.Judy Zheng is an Undergraduate Research Scholar from Racine, Wisconsin working with the Kaufman Lab since September 2018. This is her first year at UW Madison studying Biology. She is one of the newest additions to the lab and is very excited about working alongside her teammates and acquiring knowledge.