LA 375: Natural Landscaping

This course is all about gardening with native plants. The goal is to introduce you to the wonderful array of effects that you can create using inspirations drawn from nature. We will begin by looking at the history of interest in natural landscaping in the United States, including “native plant mania” that was promoted in the years surrounding World War I, the 20th Century prairie designs of landscape architect Jens Jensen, and the rise of the modern natural landscaping movement in the 1970s. Next, we will cover basic garden design principles and underlying ecological themes. You will then be able to put these ideas to work in creating your own personal native plant pallet and a design for an actual place—your own yard or a space on campus. 

Instructor: Evelyn Howell

This 1 credit course meets:

  • Wednesday and Friday
  • 3:30p.m.-4:45p.m.