LA 250: Survey of Landscape Architecture

What makes for a “memorable space? “This introductory survey course explores the vast range of exterior spaces created by Landscape Architects. The profession of Landscape Architecture integrates knowledge formed from the cultural and spatial environments developed from historic precedents through the modern age. night time photo of Cliff Garten Studio

A series of video lectures, combined with class discussion and group projects, introduce  students to how exterior spaces are created, how sites are analyzed and developed, key innovators who influenced the profession throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, and future trends in the field of Landscape Architecture. Site design within the profession covers many scales, from small, intimate spaces designed for a few people to complex regions that integrate a variety of social groups in both public and private space.This course is one of the prerequisite foundation requirements for entrance into UW’s Landscape Architecture program but is open to all students.

Online Lectures, Discussion Sections 1-4 Face-to-Face, Sections 5 & 6 Online. 

Sections: 1 T 4:35-5:25, 2 T 5:30-6:20, 3 2:25-3:15, 4 W 5:30-6:20      Images of parks and green space grouped together

LA250Fall Class Flyer 

LA250 Summer Class Flyer