Ryan Thompto

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Ryan Thompto

Graduate Level
MS Student
Research Interests
regional planning
performance measurement
land use
sustainable development
social justice
smart growth
urban sprawl
geographic information systems (GIS)

After receiving his bachelor's degree in Geography from the University of Iowa, Ryan moved to Sacramento, CA where he worked as a transportation planner at a regional planning agency.  As a transportation planner his responsibilities included evaluating existing and future multi-modal transportation needs within the region; writing grant applications for multiple transportation projects; serving as liaison to transit agencies; providing staff support to various advisory committees; and working as part of a team on the development and maintenance of the Regional Transportation Plan, Regional Transportation Improvement Program, and Overall Work Program.  After almost four years, Ryan decided to return to school to pursue a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning.

Ryan’s research interests are in the integration of transportation and land-use planning efforts at the regional level. He is focused on understanding the circumstances under which regional agencies are formed, how these agencies have been structured, and the various tools these agencies utilize in the planning process. He also hopes to further his understanding of how performance metrics can be utilized to achieve more equitable and sustainable regions.

Ryan served as a first-year representative to the Wisconsin Student Planners Association (WSPA) for the 2016-17 academic year and currently serves as the WSPA Professional Development Coordinator.