Photo of Megan outside with water in the background

Megan Clevenger

Graduate Level
MS Student
Research Interests
public health
urban design
affordable housing

Megan Clevenger is a recent graduate of both the Honors College and the College of Architecture and Planning and at Ball State University. She has a BUPD in Urban Planning and Development with a minor in Real Estate Development. She is a first-year student from Downers Grove, IL, and is pursuing a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning. She hopes to explore either a double degree in URPL / Landscape Architecture or the Energy Policy and Analysis Certificate Program.

Her interests include landscape architecture, affordable housing, and public health; however, she is most passionate about the synergy between urban design and community health. For the past six years, Megan has embarked on several non-profit internships and student-led humanitarian trips abroad. From planting rosewood trees in Panama to leading public health seminars on malaria in Uganda, she has many memorable stories to share.