Compilation of Wisconsin Statutes on Planning and Land Use

Compilation of Wisconsin Statutes On Planning and Land Use

1.12 State energy policy 
1.13 Land use planning activities 
1.14 Display of flag at public buildings, structures, and facilities 
9.20 Direct legislation 
13.48 Long-range public building program 
15.01 Definitions 
15.107(16) Wisconsin land council 
16.023 Wisconsin land council 
16.302 State housing strategy plan 
16.309 Community development block grant housing programs 
16.959 Wind energy 
16.965 Planning grants to local government units 
16.9651 Transportation planning grants to local government units 
16.966 Geographic information systems 
16.967 Land information program 
16.9675 Land activities 
23.30 Outdoor recreation program 
23.32 Wetlands mapping 
23.39 Placement of wind turbines 
23.40 Environmental impact statement 
24.05 Survey of lands 
24.06 Plat of lands 
27.019 Rural planning 
30.11 Establishment of bulkhead lines 
30.27 Lower St. Croix River preservation

Chapter 32: Eminent Domain
32.01 Definitions 
32.02 Who may condemn; purposes 
32.03 When condemnation not to be exercised 
32.035 Agricultural impact statement 
32.04 Procedure in condemnation 
32.05 Condemnation for sewers and transportation matters 
32.06 Condemnation procedure in other than transportation matters 
32.07 Necessity, determination of 
32.075 Use after condemnation 
32.09 Rules governing determination of just compensation 
32.10 Condemnation proceedings instituted by property owner 
32.16 Abandonment of easements for public use 
32.17 General provisions 
32.18 Damage caused by change of grade of street or highway where no land is taken; claim; right of action 
32.21 Emergency condemnation 
32.22 Special procedure for immediate condemnation 
32.51 Exercise of eminent domain 
44.44 Certification of historic preservation ordinances

Chapter 59: Counties
59.57 Economic and industrial development 
59.58 Transportation 
59.69 Planning and zoning authority 
59.692 Zoning of shorelands on navigable waters 
59.693 Construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning 
59.694 County zoning, adjustment board 
59.696 Zoning; filing fees
59.697 Fees for zoning appeals 
59.698 Zoning, building inspector 
59.70 Environmental protection and land use 
59.72 Land information 
59.73 Surveys; expressing bearings, subdividing sections 
59.74 Perpetuation of section corners, landmarks 
59.78 Special counties; classification of claims 
59.84 Expressways and mass transit facilities in populous counties

Chapter 60: Towns
60.23 Miscellaneous powers 
60.61 General zoning authority 
60.62 Zoning authority if exercising village powers 
60.627 Town construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning 
60.63 Community and other living arrangements 
60.64 Historic preservation 
60.65 Board of adjustment

Chapter 61: Villages
61.35 Village planning 
61.351 Zoning of wetlands in shorelands 
61.354 Construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning 
61.74 Detachment of farm lands from villages

Chapter 62: Cities
62.075 Detachment of farm lands from cities 
62.23 City planning 
62.231 Zoning of wetlands in shorelands 
62.234 Construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning

Chapter 66: General Municipal Law
66.0105 Jurisdiction of overlapping extraterritorial powers 
66.0125 Community relations-social development commissions 
66.0303 Municipal interstate cooperation 
66.0307 Boundary change pursuant to approved cooperative plan 
66.0309 Creation, organization, powers and duties of regional planning commissions 
66.0311 Intergovernmental cooperation in financing and undertaking housing projects 
66.0317 Cooperation region 
66.0401 Regulation relating to solar and wind energy systems 
66.0403 Solar and wind access permits 
66.0435 Manufactured and mobile home communities 
66.0617 Impact fees 
66.0627 Special charges for current services and energy efficiency improvement loans 
66.0703 Special assessments, generally 
66.1001 Comprehensive planning 
66.1007 Architectural conservancy districts 
66.1013 Urban homestead programs 
66.1017 Family day care homes 
66.1019 Housing codes to conform to state law 
66.1021 City, village and town transit commissions 
66.1027 Traditional neighborhood developments and conservation subdivisions 
66.1105 Tax increment law 
66.1106 Environmental remediation tax incremental financing 
66.1107 Reinvestment neighborhoods 
66.1109 Business improvement districts 
66.1110 Neighborhood improvement districts 
66.1111 Historic properties 
66.1211 Housing authorities; contracts with city; assistance to counties and municipalities 
66.1301 Urban redevelopment 
66.1303 Urban redevelopment; plans, approval 
66.1305 Redevelopment corporations; limitations; incubator 
66.1307 Urban redevelopment; regulation of corporations 
66.1309 Urban redevelopment; transfer of land 
66.1311 Urban redevelopment; acquisition of land 
66.1313 Urban redevelopment; condemnation for 
66.1315 Urban redevelopment; continued use of land by prior owner 
66.1317 Urban redevelopment; borrowing; mortgages 
66.1319 Urban redevelopment; sale or lease of land 
66.1321 Urban redevelopment; city lease to, terms 
66.1323 Urban redevelopment; aids and appropriations 
66.1325 Urban redevelopment; city improvements 
66.1327 Urban redevelopment; construction of statute; conflict of laws; supplemental powers 
66.1329 Urban redevelopment; enforcement of duties 
66.1331 Blighted area law 
66.1333 Blight elimination and slum clearance 
66.1335 Housing and community development authorities 
66.1337 Urban renewal 
79.035 County and municipal aid 
79.043 Municipal aid 
84.095 Transportation project plats 
84.30 Regulation of outdoor advertising 
84.305 Vegetation obstructing view of outdoor advertising signs

Chapter 85: Department of Transportation
85.022 Multimodal transportation studies 
85.062 Major transit capital improvements 
85.067 Midwest interstate passenger rail compact
86.19 Highway signs, regulation, prohibition

Chapter 87: Flood Control 
87.30 Floodplain zoning 
87.304 Regulation of historic property in floodplains 
87.305 Use of certain facilities on St. Feriole island 
87.31 Floodplain and shoreland mapping assistance program

Chapter 91: Farmland Preservation 
92.10 Land and water resource management planning program 
92.15 Local regulation of livestock operations 
92.16 Manure storage facilities 
92.17 Shoreland management 
93.45 Buy local, buy Wisconsin 
93.73 Purchase of agricultural conservation easements 
93.90 Livestock facility siting and expansion 
101.653 Construction site erosion control 
101.935 Manufactured home community regulation 
101.937 Water and sewer service to manufactured home communities 
106.50 Open housing 
106.52 Public places of accommodation or amusement 
114.12 Condemnation of lands for airports and spaceports 
114.135 Airport and spaceport protection 
114.136 Airport and spaceport approach protection 
125.10 Municipal regulation 
182.004 Housing corporations 
190.15 Right-of-way through public lands (of railroads) 
196.027 Environmental trust financing 
196.378 Renewable resources 
197.01 Municipalities, powers under utility law

Chapter 198: Municipal Power and Water Districts

Chapter 200: Metropolitan Sewerage Districts
227.113 Incorporation of local, comprehensive planning goals 

Chapter 229: Public Institutions 

Chapter 234: Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Association 
234.032 Goals and accountability measures for economic development programs 
234.034 Consistency with state housing strategy plan 
234.65 Economic development

Chapter 236: Platting Lands and Recording and Vacating Plats 

Chapter 238: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation 
238.11 Employment impact estimates 
238.127 State main street program 
238.13 Brownfields grant programs 
238.15 Early stage business investment program 
238.23 Technology zones
238.31 Designation of development zone 
238.395 Development opportunity zones 
238.397 Enterprise development zone program
238.398 Agricultural development zone 
238.399 Enterprise zone 
238.3995 Airport development zones 
250.07 Public health planning 

Chapter 281: Water and sewage
281.31 Navigable waters protection law 
281.33 Construction site erosion control and storm water management 
281.348 Water supply service area plans for public water supply systems 
289.35 Shoreland and floodplain zoning 
292.12 Sites with residual contamination 
293.41 Local agreements 
295.13 Mandatory enactment and administration of ordinance by counties 
295.20 Preservation of marketable nonmetallic mineral deposits 
301.13 Minimum security correctional institutions 
301.16 Construction or establishment of certain institutions 
301.235 Structures, facilities and permanent improvements 
301.24 Lands; condemnation, easements, leases, sales, purchases 
321.23 Facilities and lands 
323.60 Hazardous substances information and emergency planning 
700.35 Renewable energy resource easements 
700.40 Uniform conservation easement act 
700.41 Solar and wind access 
703.27 Zoning and building regulations 
703.32 Easements and encroachments 
707.10 Zoning and other regulation of time-share projects

Chapter 823: Nuisances

Chapter 846: Real Estate Foreclosure

895.527 Sport shooting range activities; limitations on liability and restrictions on operation