URPL Courses

Core Required Planning Courses (21 Credits)

All students must complete these six (6) courses, plus one (1) course that satisfies the ‘Structures and Functions’ requirement (see below):

Fall Semester

URPL 721 (3 cr)

Methods of Planning Analysis

URPL 741 (3 cr)

Introduction to Planning

URPL 912 (3 cr)

Planning Workshop

Spring Semester

URPL 590 (3 cr)

Professional Practice/Visual Communications

URPL 781 (3 cr)

Planning Thought and Practice

URPL 833 (3 cr)

Planning and the Legal System

Structure and Function of Cities and Regions (3 credits)

Students, in consultation with their advisor, select one (1) of the courses below to satisfy the Structures and Functions of Cities and Regions requirement:

Fall Semester

URPL 550 (3 cr)

Transportation and the Built Environment


URPL 611 (3 cr)

Urban Design and Theory


URPL 731 (3 cr) *offered every other year, last offered in 2019*

Introduction to Regional Planning


URPL 751 (3 cr)

Introduction to Financial Planning


URPL 761 (3 cr) *generally offered every other year, last offered in 2018*

Central City Planning: Issues and Approaches


Spring Semester

URPL 601 (3 cr)

Site Planning

URPL 734 (3 cr)

Regional Economic Problem Analysis

URPL 844 (3 cr)

Housing and Public Policy