Double Degrees and Certificates

At UW–Madison it is possible to simultaneously pursue two graduate degree programs. Graduate School policy allows some “double counting” of course work, but no more than one-fourth of the credits being offered in the requirements of one Master’s degree can be used for the requirements of any other Master’s level degree.

Between 2014–2020, 21% of MS URPL students completed double degrees. The most common double degrees were with the LaFollette School of Public Affairs or the Water Resources Management Program in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Students have also pursued double degrees with public health, economics, or agroecology.

Students have complemented the MS URPL degree with a graduate certificate. The most common were in Energy Analysis and Policy; Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility; Community Engaged Scholarship; or Computer Science for Professionals.

Consult with your advisor about pursuing a double degree or a certificate. You can also find more information in MS URPL Handbook.