Transportation Data Analysis, Visualization, and High-Performance Computing Intern – Golden, CO

Seeking full- or part-time graduate or highly qualified undergraduate data analysis and visualization intern to work with researchers in NREL’s Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences on enhancement of tools for mobility behavior and advanced vehicle/transportation technologies. Specific tasks may include:

  • Develop and refine data processing workflows to transform outputs from transportation models for use in data dashboards or standalone visualizations.
  • Recommend and develop new data visualizations using applications such as leaflet, plotly, and/or jupyter notebooks.
  • Incorporate visualizations into public-facing or admin dashboards.
  • Collaborate with NREL researchers to identify and implement improvements to the Transportation Secure Data Center data processing pipeline, including data standardization, ingestion, and reporting.
  • Set up High Performance Computing (HPC) pipelines to ingest data for online and off-line analysis, and archival.
  • Respond to requests for access to the TSDC secure portal environment and ensure security protocols are maintained.
  • Assist NREL researchers on projects providing insights into transportation energy systems, with a focus on how emerging transportation systems impact travel behavior, quality of life, and energy use.
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