Freight Transportation Modeling Intern – Golden, CO

Seeking full- or part-time graduate or highly qualified undergraduate interns to work with researchers in NREL’s Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences on data processing/analysis, development of a long-distance freight transportation demand model, and application of the model to quantify the mobility and energy implications of emerging freight transportation technologies. Specific tasks may include:

  • Assist NREL researchers on projects that understand and characterize freight transportation systems to accurately simulate freight shipment and vehicle movement and quantify the impact of vehicle electrification on transportation systems and the grid.
  • Process and analyze large quantities of freight shipment data and vehicle operation data.
  • Work towards the development of a scalable, distributed, and data-driven long-distance freight demand model, which enables the generation of daily freight OD flows and corresponding vehicular traffic on the nation-wide network.
  • Support to integrate the demand model into NREL’s Highly Integrated Vehicle Ecosystem (HIVE) Simulation Framework and to run different levels of long-haul vehicle electrification scenarios to evaluate the impact of freight electrification on grid demand for a region. Information regarding HIVE can be found at
  • Deliver quality products that synthesize external literature, data analyses, and modeling results.
  • Document methods and assumptions, and assist with preparing peer-reviewed publications along with high-quality technical reports and presentations.
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