Land Stewardship Technician – Good Oak Ecological Services – Madison, WI

The Land Stewardship technician would work primarily in the field under the
direction of a project manager. Daily tasks include but are not limited to: exotic
species removal through manual, mechanical or chemical control, brush clearing
and tree felling, mowing, native perennial planting, hardscaping, rain garden
installation, pruning, etc.
This position also includes duties such as tracking and documenting job related
use of materials, maintaining land management equipment (chainsaws, small
engine, hand tools, herbicide sprayers, tractor and implements, etc.), serving as
a crew member on prescribed burns, assisting with office and shop operations as
needed, supervising seasonal crew members and interns.
The land stewardship technician will work mainly as part of a team but may also
make independent decisions based on analysis, experience and context.

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