Regional Natural Resources Educator – Juneau, WI

The Natural Resources Education Team works together to design, deliver, and evaluate research-based educational programming and services aligned with the position’s programmatic focus. This position will work in several watersheds in Southeast Wisconsin. The team focuses heavily on integrating human dimensions perspectives into natural resources management decisions. Initial programming focus will include:
– Providing organizational, leadership, and content support for watershed initiatives (focused on groundwater, water quality and related subjects);
– Engaging stakeholders to create and implement an information an outreach strategy addressing the links between agricultural conservation and water quality;
– Providing regional programmatic leadership and increase the capacity of individuals, organizations and partnerships to reduce nonpoint source pollution impacts to groundwater and surface water.
– As the regional Natural Resource Educator, work with Extension, county land and water conservation, state and other professionals to address funding partners’ objectives to reduce nonpoint source agricultural pollution

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