Associate Planner/GIS Specialist – City of Kenner, Louisiana

Under general supervision, performs planning and technical duties associated with program development of the Planning Department.  Work involves furnishing professional City planning services including managing the GIS system and participating in the preparation of master plan or sub-level plans; preparing zoning reports and conducting application reviews; preparing GIS datasets, maps, databases, reports, graphics, and specialized queries in support of GIS; designing, developing, and implementing procedures for administration of the GIS database; performing complex technical cartographic/mapping and data analysis tasks related to the GIS; leading planning projects using GIS; producing graphic and tabular products to support planning reports and public presentations; producing custom maps and other GIS products for planning, other departments, other municipalities, and the public; assuring quality control in data acquisition and update; assembling source material; performing database data entry; creating and maintaining GIS geodatabases; designing and developing statistical applications and reports as it pertains to planning; assisting staff with software problems; and adapting other data types.  Reports to the Director/Assistant Director. 

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