Program and Policy Analyst

Position Summary

The LTE – Program and Policy Analyst-Advanced is a 20-hour per week position that serves as an Associate Planner. This position will work under the guidance of the Division of Forestry Planner. This position will assist in planning, implementing, evaluating and communicating significant aspects of the Division of Forestry’s strategic plan and work planning cycles. In addition, this position will provide expertise on document development, organization, data management, and communication. Selected candidate must be able to drive a state vehicle.  Candidates with three (3) or more moving violations and/or at-fault accidents in the past two (2) years, or who have an OWI/DUI violation within the past year are barred from driving state vehicles.

35% – Planning and Implementation of the Strategic Direction- Assist the Division Planner in developing and maintaining planning tools, processes, and procedures for revising the Division of Forestry’s Strategic Direction and Operations Plan. Manage and analyze large datasets. Coordinate, schedule meetings, and assist in facilitating diverse teams of technical experts to best deliver the outcomes of the Strategic Direction.

30% – Evaluation and Performance Monitoring- Research and assist in managing and implementing mechanisms for monitoring performance on implementation of the plan. Develop materials for reporting out to the Forestry Division leadership and interested partners and publics. Assist in the development and integration of performance measures and performance monitoring at all program levels. Coordinate and manage accomplishment reporting, development of accomplishment reporting systems, and work planning analyses.

25% – Communications and Document Preparation- Coordinate communications regarding forestry issues and management systems updates to staff and Forestry Division leadership. Write and help prepare planning documents which include sensitive and complex forestry issues in the context of strategic planning and program accountability. Manage and coordinate writing assignments for staff specialists. Set up meetings, plan agendas, and assist in designing meeting materials.

10% – Assist with other Division of Forestry planning efforts as needed

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