Policy Communications and Coalition Associate with Fresh Energy

Are you the type of person who understands complex policy and has a knack for explaining complicated information in a way that is approachable, concise, and motivating? Do you enjoy communicating and writing about clean energy? Do you have an interest in engaging the public and stakeholders in regulatory and legislative advocacy in clean energy? Would you enjoy helping with the launch of a regional coalition to reduce carbon emissions from buildings? Do you want to be challenged at work, have a lot of fun, be inspired frequently, and make a significant impact at an innovative nonprofit working on making more of our economy run on clean, carbon-free energy that benefits all Minnesotans?

Fresh Energy is hiring a full-time Policy Communications and Coalition Associate to join our team. This position will assist in implementing approachable policy and program-related Fresh Energy communications tactics. An immediate priority for this new team member is to play a key communications and administrative/logistical role in building the Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition (Midwest BDC), a regional initiative founded and led by Fresh Energy. We are looking for someone who is a great writer, detail-oriented, and ready to break new ground for the Midwest BDC and Fresh Energy.

Note: In the first year, this new team member will evenly divide their time between the Midwest BDC and Fresh Energy.

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