DPLA’s Alfonso Morales featured in “The Future of Cities”

Alfonso Morales, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in DPLA, was featured in the UW Now Series: The Future of Cities. Morales answers questions with fellow UW experts Tim Riddiough and Paul Robbins. The program is a Q&A discussing what U.S. cities will look like post-COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has impacted daily life all over the world, but lifestyle changes have been particularly drastic in cities where population density makes it more difficult to go outside safely. Many people are wondering which of these changes will be temporary and which will have a lasting impact on how we lead our lives. What effect has quarantine had on air quality, urban wildlife, and transportation? How is the pandemic impacting our ideas about urban planning and real estate? What might cities of the future look like — and what will it be like to live in them?”

View the recording of this event here