2021 UW–Madison Arboretum Research Fellowships

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum is pleased to announce requests for proposals for graduate research funding starting in 2021. We are soliciting proposals that will address our mission and vision, as well as build on a tradition that began with the earliest plantings in 1935 to establish tallgrass prairie and continued with subsequent experiments in maintaining these early restorations. While we are committed to continuing this long tradition of research on adaptive restoration, the Arboretum is also a valuable research site for studies in botany, landscape ecology, horticulture, soil science, wildlife ecology, environmental engineering, social science, and public health. Proposals may address any of these areas, or other areas that utilize Arboretum land and other resources. The Fellowships will be awarded annually.

Arboretum Mission: Conserve and restore Arboretum lands, advance restoration ecology, and foster the land ethic.
Arboretum Vision: The Arboretum is a global source of knowledge of and a model for restoring ecologically sustainable relationships between people and the land through integrative, innovative,

Resources and connections: Arboretum research fellows will have access to the 1,200 acres of Arboretum land in Madison and over 500 acres at outlying sites; long-term records of restoration and management activities on these sites; facilities, vehicles, equipment, and staff support as appropriate and available; and connections with the public.

Focus research areas: We invite research proposals in all areas relevant to the Arboretum mission, including the social sciences. We are particularly interested in restoration ecology, invasive species monitoring and management, stormwater impacts, horticulture, visitor experiences, citizen science, science communication, public engagement, K–12 outdoor education, the use of technology in public engagement, addressing diversity and inclusion, and the collection and analysis of long-term monitoring data at remnant and restored sites. Proposals may address any of these areas or others that wisely utilize Arboretum land and other resources. Other scholarly activities may be considered if they align with the Arboretum’s mission and vision.

Faculty members or students with interest in these fellowships must contact the Arboretum Ecologist, Brad Herrick, or another relevant staff member to ascertain programmatic fit. Potential Arboretum staff research advisors include the Ecologist, Research Specialist, Citizen Science Coordinator, Longenecker Horticultural Gardens Curator, Land Care Manager, Native Plant Gardener, Education Coordinator, Director, and Communications Coordinator (https://arboretum.wisc.edu/about-us/people/).

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