Racism is a Public Health Crisis Preconference Virtual Program Open for Registration!

The UW-Madison Population Health Institute’s MATCH (Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health) group is excited to partner with the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service on a special Toward One Wisconsin preconference virtual program.

Racism is a Public Health Crisis
. . . and what we can do about it
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Noon – 4:30 pm
$25 (scholarships available)

Racism is making us sick; it fundamentally shapes our economic, social and physical environments. For decades, work led by grassroots groups, community-based organizations, government agencies, academic leaders, and many others has laid a strong foundation to address racial inequities in Wisconsin. In 2017, Wisconsin public health leaders declared “Racism a Public Health Crisis” as a statewide priority. Since then, almost 500 individuals and 100 organizations have signed on to take the pledge declaring racism a public health crisis. In light of the recent reminders that racial violence persists in our country—including the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and most recently the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha—urgency remains around calls to action for sweeping changes to end systemic racism.

Join us for reflection, connection, and action!
Participants will be asked how we can translate the Racism is a Public Health Crisis declaration into concrete changes through three activities:

Individual reflection and action on racism
Organizational reflection and action on racism
Systemic policy level reflection and action on racism
Plan to feel inspired, motivated, and challenged to move racial equity within your spheres of influence. We understand that not all can set aside a full day. Please don’t let that stop you from participating as you can. Learn more about this virtual event.

This virtual event hosted by the Wisconsin Healthiest State Initiative will kick off the Toward One Wisconsin (T1W) inclusivity conference, which will be held virtually on Nov. 12-13, 2020. Toward One Wisconsin seeks to build communities of equity and opportunity by prioritizing the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout Wisconsin, as well as supporting the creation of a statewide network of individual leaders, nonprofits, and employers determined to empower and employ a diverse workforce.

Questions? Contact: info@wipps.org
We are committed to creating equitable conditions where everyone can thrive. Please let us know if you have specific needs for this preconference (live translation, closed captioning, etc.).