Kevin Ford MSURPL 1982

I was in the master’s program from 1980 to 1982 with Jerry Kaufmann as my advisor (I was saddened by Jerry’s death a few years ago).  As a native Clevelander, the first thing he gave me on our initial meeting was a copy of the 1975 Cleveland Policy Planning Report.  He told me how different it was from other cities’ planning report.  How it focused on “equity planning” as opposed to physical planning.  Norm Krumholz was the Cleveland Planning director at the time and had visited Jerry’s class as a guest lecturer before I got there.  I thought I would pass along the attached from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  I still live in Cleveland and will try to come to Madison in the near future.  I was there for a Homecoming football game about 10 years ago.  I am member of the Cleveland/Akron UW alumni group that gets together at times to watch football and basketball games.
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