Limited Term Employment Systems Development Svs. Professional WI Emergency Management System

Position Summary

This position will function under the direction of the Hazard Mitigation Section Supervisor in the Bureau of Response and Recovery. Its primary duties will include GIS mapping and data analysis for previous projects funded through the Hazard Mitigation Section with FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance programs. It will include mitigation project and plan mapping, loss avoidance data analysis, and other mapping work as needed. It will communicate closely with the Hazard Mitigation Section Supervisor and State Hazard Mitigation Officer. It is responsible for completing work assignments as directed by the Section Supervisor. The duties performed by this position will be carried out on a statewide basis and accountability will not be shared among positions or entities outside the formal supervisory chain of command.

Goals and Worker Activities


A. As directed, research methods and best practices for producing loss avoidance
studies. Apply methods to several completed projects in Wisconsin as directed.
A1. Investigate methods used in Wisconsin and other parts of the country for
determining losses avoided by implementing hazard mitigation projects.
A2. Study projects implemented in Wisconsin, as directed, and determine
which loss avoidance analysis methodology is most appropriate for the
selected projects.
A3. Gather data for analysis from project files, WEM staff, and local
A4. Produce the mapping and data analysis components of loss avoidance
studies as directed.
A5. Work closely with other Hazard Mitigation Section staff to compile maps
and data into complete reports that communicate the return on investment
of mitigation projects.
A6. Work with partner groups, such as the Coastal Hazards Work Group and
Culvert Mapping Community of Practice.


B. Update and create maps for the Hazard Mitigation Section to show completed
projects, current plan status, and other useful data.
B1. Ensure that all recent acquisition parcels are loaded into WEM’s
Acquisition Parcel Layer in ArcGIS.
B2. Create data layers showing data such as tornado safe room project
locations, mitigation funds spent in each county and tribe, and current
planning status of each county and tribe.
B3. Work with Hazard Mitigation Section Staff to determine the location of
necessary data.
B3. Draft instructions for updating the maps.

Knowledge and Skills Required by the Position

K1. Working knowledge of ArcGIS and ESRI products.
K2. Working knowledge of data analysis tools and spatial analysis techniques in
ArcGIS and ESRI products.
K3. Working knowledge of techniques and skills required to develop and maintain a
cooperative, positive working relationship with local officials.
K4. Good knowledge of the organization of state government, state agency
interrelationships and state policies, particularly as they relate to emergency
K5. Good knowledge of county and local government organization and operation of
state/local government relationships particularly in the area of emergency
K6. Good verbal communication skills and knowledge of effective verbal
communication techniques.
K7. Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, especially Word
and Excel.
K8. Possession of a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License desired