Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Internship Programs

DNR has announced a summer internship through the State of Wisconsin Student Diversity Internship Program (info and application instructions at https://dnr.wi.gov/employment/emp/internships.html ). Application deadline is March 2, 2020.

The project description is:

Climate Change Program Analyst-Madison: Career Cluster Ag, Food, and Natural Resources-Natural Resource Systems The DNR mission calls for the agency to ensure the right of all people to use and enjoy Wisconsin’s natural resources. Significant environmental issues related to climate change disproportionately affect people of color and low-income communities. The Climate Change Program Analyst will help identify strategies and policy options that agencies can consider as they adapt to climate impacts, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and pursue health equity in government policies.

10% Develop study design: Identify/scope policy analysis questions. Consult with staff and external partners. Determine appropriate study design, using most effective approaches/methodologies.

35% Conduct literature reviews: Identify environmental justice policy options (regulations, incentives, research, etc.) that respond to climate impacts, conduct database and Internet searches of professional literature to identify examples of successful policies.

35% Conduct structured interviews: Identify potential contacts in state/local governments, formulate questioning strategy/develop interview script, conduct in-person/telephone interviews to explore approaches employed.

15% Report on findings: Organize information into report formats that clearly present findings in a manner understandable to staff, managers and stakeholders who may not have an environmental justice background, develop coherent presentation outlines/graphics, present to staff, management and partners.

5% Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills: Basic knowledge of policy analysis techniques, including conduct of literature reviews and interviews. Solid organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks, set milestones, sequence activities, establish realistic time frames, and deliver products/services in a timely manner, with limited supervision. Solid communication and presentation skills. Positive attitude. Ability to coordinate with other team members and be flexible to accommodate schedules as needed.