Sustain Dane – Outreach Specialist for Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing

Title: Outreach Specialist

Part-time (24-hours per week)

Limited term employment (12-month position)

Reports to: Executive Director of Sustain Dane

Submission Date: Sunday, February 16, 2020. To apply, email resume and cover letter to

Sustain Dane: Sustain Dane, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation. Sustain
Dane’s vision is a thriving and connected community with a sustainable environment and
economy we are proud to pass on to future generations. Located in the thriving StartingBlock
Madison space in the Spark Building, our mission is to inspire, connect, and support people to
accelerate sustainable actions for community wellbeing.

Job Overview:
The Outreach Specialist for Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) will engage with
agency stakeholders, property owners and managers, and residents in a series of roundtable
discussions to understand the challenges and opportunities to make the NOAH stock in Dane
County more sustainable. The research and collaboration will lead to pilot programs in a series
of building, from which the Outreach Specialist will develop program design recommendations
for further owner and resident engagement, technical assistance, and implementation in
neighborhoods in Dane County.

The NOAH sector represents a significant portion of the available housing stock in Dane
County. It often consists of small size buildings (less than 30 units) and is privately owned and
managed by individuals or small companies. Reducing energy use in a large portion of Dane
County’s NOAH housing stock is a key climate planning strategy. Owning and operating NOAH
housing is a low-margin business. Providing owners and managers with the means to reduce
operating costs is critical to maintaining the affordability of these units. Enhancing resident
comfort, reducing utility bills, and providing resiliency for these homes is a key strategy to
provide a more equitable and sustainable housing market.
Job tasks will include:
● Lead agency stakeholder outreach and coordination- large advisory team and small
working groups
● Participate in interviews; assist with organizing focus group events
● Attend meetings as necessary with stakeholders
● Assist with pilot agency stakeholder collaboration strategy in several buildings in
coordination with stakeholders
● Complete recommendation memo
● Communicate effectively the program development, implementation and outcomes

Qualifications: A successful candidate will have program development experience, the ability
to convey complex information in an understandable written and visual format, strong research
and communication skills, and want to be a part of building a community that is accelerating
sustainability in Dane County. The Outreach Specialist for NOAH will work collaboratively with
the Sustain Dane staff team and Board of Directors, Elevate Energy, agency stakeholders, and
community partners. The ideal candidate will have an inherent passion for and understanding of
sustainability practice in its various forms. The individual will be a dynamic and strong
collaborator who thrives in a hands-on work environment. They will be an authentic and
open-minded professional who is comfortable working with people of all backgrounds and
identities. The position will require balancing competing priorities, with a focus on internal and
external customer satisfaction. The individual will help discover pathways into the sustainability
movement for the many communities that make up Dane County.

Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred. Knowledge and understanding of sustainability,
energy efficiency programs, public health, real estate, affordable housing and/or related fields.

Skills: Program development experience, collaborator with various partners, strong research
and communication skills.

Personal Characteristics: Positive attitude, trustworthy, reliable, innovative, and inclusive.
Part-Time: 24 hours per week. Days and hours per week are negotiable.
Compensation Range: Annual salary of $24,960

Please submit resume and cover letter electronically to Executive Director, Claire
Oleksiak at by Sunday, February 16, 2020.