Met Council Urban Scholars Program

The Urban Scholars Program at the Met Council is a 12-week leadership and professional
development internship program that introduces students from diverse racial and ethnic
backgrounds to the public sector and provides a distinctive professional experience focused on
gaining essential leadership skills and creating resume-building career pathway.

The program at the Council Provides:
• Exposure to the Met Council
• Leadership & Professional development training
• High quality, resume building work experience
• Guidance & opportunities to grow a meaningful professional network

Additional benefits of the internship program at Metropolitan Council:
• $18.50/hour pay
• FREE rides on bus, light rail, and North Star

We currently have 12 Urban Scholars positions available for our summer 2020 program. Please
refer to our website for more information on our openings –

Application period: January 3, 2020 – February 2, 2020
Program Dates: End of May 2020 – Mid August 2020

For more information and to apply click here