Admin Intern City of Middleton

Administrative Intern Position Announcement 2020

To Apply: Submit a cover letter concerning your interest and an updated resume to Mike Davis, City Administrator, at no later than Monday, December 2, 2019.

Direct Report: City Administrator or in his absence to the Assistant City Administrator/Finance Director

Schedule: Starting January 2, 2020, through April, 2020, and working up to 20 hours per week (flexible hours), Monday through Friday. City Hours are 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Compensation, Benefits & Office Equipment

· 20hours/ week yields a $13/hour gross wage.

· Includes desk-top computer and desk phone for use while at City Hall office and in compliance with City of Middleton Electronic Communications Policy.

Work Plan

· Development of the City’s 2019 Annual Report working with City staff at the direction of the City Administrator to prepare the annual report and providing the mayor with an outline of his State of the City Address in February.

· Tax Increment Finance (TIF) work inclusive of financial analysis, planning, economic and community development activities. May be a member of the TIF project management team (Monday meetings if possible) along with the City Administrator, Finance team, Director of Planning & Community Development, City Planning staff members and the City’s planning and engineering consultants.

· Community Development team member (Tuesday morning meetings if possible) and active participant in formulating Community and Economic development strategies, including TIF work, with the City Administrator, Planning, Tourism, Senior Center and Library staffs.

· Finance & Budget team member for formulation of budget strategies, development of budget guidelines and analysis of department budget requests, spending and revenue trends. Will work closely with the Assistant City Administrator/Finance Director and Assistant Finance Director/Human Resources Manager, as well as the City Administrator, on these initiatives. Also, may assist the finance team with the development of the budget and capital improvement program.

· Sustainability Plan implementation and development of new initiatives. Will work directly with the Sustainability Coordinator and planning intern on a variety of projects, including more complete integration of sustainability into the City’s comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances.

· Assistance of Other City Departments: The intern will develop a working knowledge of other city departments through ad hoc assignments ranging from public relations to employee hiring.

The intern’s work will be divided roughly even among these categories.