Summer Internship Spotlight: Kayla Wandsnider

One summer internship? How about two? MS URPL student, Kayla Wandsnider has been busy this summer working as a Flood Resiliency Intern for both the Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute and the Department of Energy for Dane County.

At the Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute Kayla has been working with a coastal storms outreach specialist for Green Bay, Wisconsin. Together, the two are helping to develop a green infrastructure plan to prevent flooding due to fluctuating lake levels and climate change. To create the plan, Kayla has worked closely with the ESRI program, GeoPlanner. The program helps guide what must be done to make a baseline analysis  for their green infrastructure plan. Additionally, Kayla is also gathering information about communities that have gone through a code audit process, in order to remove barriers for the implementation of green infrastructure.

At the Department of Emergency for Dane County, Kayla is creating a flood guide for homeowners that will hopefully create a better understanding of their flood risk. Additionally, the guide is to provide suggestions and resources on how to flood proof their home. She is working with many different departments to incorporate their expertise into the guide, and is working to include both the county and the city’s information in a cohesive format.

As the summer winds down, Kayla gets ready to continue on her path towards a Double Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Water Resources Management.. We look forward to seeing her back in the classroom along with other PLA students in just over a week. From the Department, a big congratulations to Kayla on not only one terrific internship but two!