WSPA Professional Project Forum

Poster Forum

As each spring semester nears an end, MS URPL students, faculty, staff, and partners gather to celebrate the culmination of URPL students’ work toward their master’s degree. This past May, thirteen master’s students presented their final projects in the City-County Building, co-sponsored by the Dane County Planning and Development Department and City of Madison Planning Division, in addition to the URPL Alumni Relations Council (ARC) and the Wisconsin Student Planning Association (WSPA). The afternoon was filled with poster viewing on a variety of topics, from addressing the affordable housing crisis in Wisconsin to the feasibility of having an intercity bus terminal in Madison. Four out of the thirteen students further presented their projects individually. Beth Richmond spoke on Middleton, Wisconsin’s best practices around small-scale infill and redevelopment. Lisa Charron presented on her development of a comprehensive plan assessment tool for creating healthy rural communities. Logan Dredske presented his findings on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by improving transportation accessibility. Ryan Thompto shared where the future of regionalism in Dane County is headed. The presentations were followed by a brief Q & A, and the event concluded with further poster viewing and judge evaluations for “Best Poster.” Gillian Cooper took home this year’s award for “Best Poster”. Her findings focused on the gap around housing supply and demand. Welcome remarks were provided by Ken Genskow, Department Chair and Professor.  


2018 Featured Presentations Included:

Presenters Lisa Charron, Planning Healthy Rural Communities: A Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool

Logan Dredske, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Improved Accessibility

Beth Richmond, Small-Scale Infill and Redevelopment Best Practices in Middleton, WI

Ryan Thompto, The Future of Regionalism in Dane County


Presentations were followed by a poster session and engagement among attendees.


Poster presentations included:

Nathan Abney

Creating Resilience to Climate Change within Wisconsin’s Transportation Network

Haley Briel

A Public Official’s Guide to Comprehensive Municipal Flood Resilience

Lisa Charron

Planning Healthy Rural Communities: A Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool

Gillian Cooper

Missing Middle Housing: Exploring the Barriers to 2-10 Unit Housing Developments

Logan Dredske

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Improved Accessibility

Anna Feltham

Intergenerational Housing for Postsecondary Students and Older Persons; Addressing Madison Wisconsin’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Tsung-Lun Hsu

Feasibility Study of Intercity Bus Terminal in Madison Area

Matthew Miller

The Road Less Traveled: An Effort to Bolster Madison Metropolitan School District’s Safe Routes to School Program

Tom Pearce

Recommendations for Open Space Protection in Mequon, Wisconsin

Beth Richmond

Small-Scale Infill and Redevelopment Best Practices in Middleton, WI

Ken Smith

Allocating Affordable Housing for Opportunity: A Case Study of Tax Credit Housing Projects in Metropolitan Milwaukee

Jake Swenson

Madison BRT: Building A Less Car-Dependent Future

Ryan Thompto

The Future of Regionalism in Dane County


Gillian Cooper won the 2018 MS URPL Project Forum Award for Best Poster and Logan Dredske received the Jack R. Huddleston Award for the Best Professional Project Award.

Following the signature event, WSPA hosted the Annual End of Year Picnic where folks celebrated in (chilly) community at James Madison Park.

At the MS URPL graduation ceremony, Haley Briel and Ryan Thompto were both awarded the 2018 Jessica Bullen Community Service Award and Lisa Charron was awarded the 2017-18 AICP Outstanding Student Award. Congratulations, all, on your much-deserved accolades!


We’re excited to announce the Sixth Annual MS URPL Professional Project Forum will be held on Friday, May 10th, 2019 at the Madison Public Library in downtown Madison. This year’s Forum will be followed by a graduation celebration for our MS URPL 2019 graduates! Mark your calendars!