Where’s the Trophy?

This year, the URPL program is announcing a new tradition called “Where’s the Trophy.” The student-started idea features a graduate student within the URPL program. The weekly winner will get to proudly possess the golden trophy for a week, before bestowing it upon another student within the URPL program. Kicking-off the first week of “Where’s the Trophy,” is proud recipient Daniel Besinaiz. We met up with the second semester, MS URPL student, to learn a little about his interests within the program, his favorite aspects of Madison, and a question regarding his favorite foods. Read below to find out he he had to say! 


Name: Daniel Besinaiz

Hometown: Glendora, CaliforniaURPL's Student of the Week - Daniel Besinaiz - holds the winning trophy!

What are your research interests related to Urban and Regional Planning? I bounce back and forth between gentrification and sustainable development but I think I’m going to focus more on sustainable and smart growth development.

What is your favorite thing about Madison? Definitely the lakes. Having grown up in Southern California and gone to college in Tucson, Arizona, I have never had such easy access lakeside activities.

If you had to choose one last meal, what would it be? Classic carne asada street tacos, of course, with a brownie and ice cream for dessert!