A Look Back: Campus Master Plan Makes History

Never in the university’s history had its’ Campus Master Plan been approved by the City of Madison Common Council. That was until a Tuesday in July, during 2017. The major feat for the university, as well as the city of Madison, resulted from countless hours of hard work by university administration, citizen groups, campus planning groups, and many more including the Director of Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture – Gary Brown. The effects of the plan were said to, “streamline [the] local entitlement process, saving six to nine months of development time.” Time wasn’t the only thing the university was said to save due to newfound efficiency, but money too. The savings in turn were to decrease the amount of funds the University relied on from the State and private donors. Those beneficial effects were just the beginning of what was to come from the master plan. The campus roadmap included design guidelines for new facilities, the first-ever campus landscape master plan, and many more topics with sustainability as the underlying factor. Visit the master plan today to check out the proposed projects and guidelines for the years to come, and read more about the historic achievement in the article covered by Steve Wagner here