URPL’s MS Students Present Findings at the Annual Project Poster Forum

On May 11th, thirteen master’s students in the Urban and Regional Planning Program presented their semester long projects at the Municipal Building in downtown Madison. The afternoon was filled with poster viewing on a variety of topics, from addressing the affordable housing crisis in Wisconsin to the feasibility of having an intercity bus terminal in Madison.


Four out of the thirteen students further presented their projects individually. Beth Richmond spoke on Middleton, Wisconsin’s best practices around small-scale infill and redevelopment. Lisa Charron presented on her development of a comprehensive plan assessment tool for creating healthy rural communities. Logan Dredske presented his findings on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by improving transportation accessibility. Ryan Thompto shared where the future of regionalism in Dane County is headed. The presentations were followed by a brief Q & A, and the event concluded with further poster viewing and judge evaluations for “Best Poster.” Gillian Cooper took home this year’s award for “Best Poster”. Her findings focused on the gap around housing supply and demand. Her winning poster can be found here.

MS URPL Project Poster Forum Presenters

A big congratulations to all the students on completing their semester long projects and finishing off their studies with an impressive ending! For a further look at the projects presented at this year’s event, click here for the link.