April 27, 2018-DPLA Lecture Series-Private Land Conservation, Adena Rissman

Please join the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture on Friday, April 27, from noon – 1:00pm in Music Hall room 208 as part of their Spring 2018 Lecture Series.

Adena Rissman, Associate Professor in Forest and Wildlife Ecology, will present on “Private land conservation: improving effectiveness and transparency in an era of environmental change.” An abstract of the lecture can be found below: 

Biodiversity and ecosystem services on private lands face increasing threats from development and environmental change. I will present focal studies on conservation easements, rural zoning, and a portfolio of water quality improvement policies to examine the design, spatial pattern, impacts, and adaptability of private land policy tools in the face of environmental change and rising ecosystem novelty. Our research on private land conservation is hindered by inaccessible maps and other information which has led us to learn more about the politics of information disclosure. I will share results from a survey of U.S. land trusts to examine their conservation easement map disclosure decisions.