DPLA Spring 2018 Lecture Series Continues with Walter Stern on March 23

Th next presentation for the DPLA Spring 2018 Lecture Series will occur on March 23 with a presentation by Walter Stern, Assistant Professor in Educational Policy Studies. The lecture will be in Room 208 of Old Music Hall from 12pm-1:15pm. Walter Stern will present his lecture “Segregating New Orleans: Race, Education, and the Making of a Modern American City.” An abstract of the lecture can be found below: 

“Scholars generally emphasize how housing policies and markets have promoted and sustained segregated schooling. But this historical study demonstrates that the opposite was also true: segregated schools created segregated neighborhoods, which in turn created structural inequalities in housing that impeded desegregation’s capacity to promote racial justice. Focusing on two sections of New Orleans between World War I and World War II, this talk will highlight how
local and federal officials, city planners, and real estate developers embraced schools as mechanisms for transforming the city’s racial geography and built environment.” 

Please join us on March 23 for this lecture! Feel free to bring your lunch!