Students Present a Cost-Benefit Analysis of EMS Merger

Graduate student from UW-Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs presented a cost-benefit analysis of a merger between two EMS departments. Ruanda McFerren, a Master’s degree student in the Urban & Regional Planning program, was a member of the group of students who presented the analysis to the Deer-Grove and Cambridge EMS Departments.

Two EMS departments, Deer-Grove and Cambridge, are weighing the financial impact of a merger. The students presented two consolidation models. One was a two-part consolidation model and the other was three-part consolidation model. The models were based on the mergers happening in 2020 with a 20-year cost benefit analysis plan. The three-part consolidation would offer a net financial benefit of about $23 million over two decades, while the two-part would offer a net financial benefit of about $11 million. Both estimates took into account volunteer reduction and the cost of hiring more career staff. McFerren was quoted in the article by stating that a three-part consolidation is recommended.

Our department is proud of our students who are able to participate in projects that involve the community to carry one the Wisconsin Idea. Great job Ruanda! The full article can be found on the HNGnews website!