Spring 2018 Lecture Series-Friday, January 26-Featuring Bradley Vowels

The first lecture for the Spring 2018 Lecture Series is this Friday, January 26 in Rm 208 of Music Hall. This Friday’s lecture features one of our PhD students, Bradley Vowels. His lecture, Using GIS and Advanced Source Tracking to Determine Groundwater Risks Associated with Unsewered Exurban Development, discusses wastewater treatment systems in rural landscapes of the United States. Though there have been advances in wastewater treatment systems, many locations are at risk of groundwater contamination. GIS was used to analyze the distribution of treatment systems and to identify locations with heightened risk of groundwater contamination. Findings from the study, Bradley Vowels was a part of explain how the spatial pattern of treatment system’s density, age, and type may influence groundwater quality under various hydrogeological settings. The paper, the basis for the talk this Friday, was published in 2017 in the Landscape and Urban Planning journal. Come check out his lecture this Friday and support one of our students!